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Auto Revive..
For level 12 casters

I think the Doctors could use a bit of work.. I mean.. I can't even spell resciiate.. What if you brought someone who was dead to the doc.. and your trying to figure out how to get across to him that he should revive the dead person if he can..  and you just said there name.. like 'Damn I think Bobs dead, can you help him out?" and the Doc would like, hear the name and Check to see if there dead.. and if there dead.. try and revive them..?  I mean.. I've been around a little while, and I couldn't figure it out.  I know now, but what if a newer char came along and tried to figure it out, they might not be able too... just like I wasn't.. Or say they asked 'em to heal, instead of rescitate(Sp?) then the doc is healin' a dead person and shit.  Just a thought.

It's my understanding that the system isn't fully implemented yet.. but if it were, yes, I agree, it should be much more intuitive. It simply wouldn't be logical to attempt to 'heal' when the situation obviously requires a patient to be 'resuscitate'd first.

You could just say, DUDE, help <dude>

The thing is, you say help dude, and the doc takes that as heal dude.  True story.

Doesn't that only heal them?

EDIT:  Swift bastard...

(Edited by Aikao at 2:12 am on Mar. 13, 2004)