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Automated Gate Corruption
Allow me to line your pockets

Currently, it's cost- and time-prohibitive to do certain kinds of smuggling; it requires a puppet and fixed fees that make the journey not worth it. This discourages players from taking advantage of some of the items found in the Badlands. Here's one idea for how to make imports a little smoother and puppet-free.

An NPC is added at the Hall who manages Omega Gate. Anyone with authority (under the recent gate changes) may talk to this person and add or remove names from their list. If your name's already on a list then it won't work, you're already part of another Judge's racket. Characters who are on the list are given a slightly different prompt when attempting to ingress/egress with contraband.

As you approach the gate, your vehicle is directed over to a very empty side lane. The only customs person in sight wears a thin silver chain beneath his uniform. He passes a clipboard through the window with the results of the scan: Beretta 9mm and carton of 9mm magazines. He quietly overcharges you for entry, "You got the 4.4Kc ingress fee ready?"

Do you want to bribe the gate (y/n)? y

You clip 4.4Kc beneath the sheaf of papers and hand it back through the window. The guard nods briskly and waves you through, already scanning the papers in.

The racket adds up ten percent of the value of any contraband in the vehicle (or on your person), a fixed amount for things like corpses that don't have a value, and the cost of the normal egress/ingress duty. You need to have cash at the ready when you approach. Contraband moved this way is misreported on the WJF key as having passed through with authority, under the name of the Judge that authorized you. If you refuse or don't have the money ready, it gets reported as normal.

The Omega Gate manager keeps track of how many people did this, and Judges can talk to them to collect, in a way similar to ganger rackets. If you don't want your contraband reported at all, you'll need to find another way in and out.

I'm very, VERY much on board with making smuggling more viable. As someone who's tried many times in the past to toy with the idea of doing it only to find it prohibitive in every way it's been attempted, there's no real reason to even attempt.

This gets a big +1 from me, some way of being able to grease the palms of particular people to help get through the gate easier with your big bag of stolen military grade jelly beans is very much welcomed. Especially with the recent changes making being a smuggler even more of a nuisance.

There are multiple venues to do this but its true, that is not automated and it probably wants to be monitored somehow if automated for multiple reasons. Also, bribing someone would be expensive even if automated. I am not against less work for the GMs.
We have made some changes here but smuggling in general is meant to be a manual, gm monitored process.