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Automated mechanic commands.
Fix my car!

I think it'd be a nice addition if you could ask a mechanic, (like how you can ask a bartender to get you x, or a doctor to heal x) if they can fix x.
Only if they charge you three or four grand for being a baka at operating vehicles.
I disagree, this should be reserved to players. Bartenders are inconsequential and medics are automated to prevent character death. Mechanics don't need automation.
Except maybe the company garage. The mechanics are already hanging out, and it's a bit dumb to have to request a puppet for the whole ordeal.
The point is likely to make sure player mechanics are given RP. I agree with ErgoProxy, the only point of doctor automation is because lives literally hang in the balance.
True but there aren't many mechanics and a few of them aren't bound to be all that good at fixing cars and AVs straight off the bat.
I'd just postulate that there aren't many mechanics because there isn't a lot of work for mechanics. Wouldn't this only exacerbate that trend?
Manos and Monas,

The manual process around being a Mechanic is the 'gameplay' you have for being a mechanic, it's fun, it's involved, and it's WORK. Because it's a JOB.

If you ask us to automate gameplay parts of Sindome, I would suggest you find a different type of MOO to play. >.>