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Automatic nightly UE spending
More time playing, less time fretting

What if there were a command like @train or @auto-assign and you could set whatever skills/stats you want to it? Nightly it would automatically spend your saved up UE evenly (Or randomly? Whichever stat/skill is lowest?) on your @train list.

> @train endurance

You'll now spend your free time training on endurance.

> @train heavy weapons

You'll now spend your free time training on heavy weapons.

> @train-list

You're spending your free time training on the following activities:


Heavy Weapons

> @untrain heavy weapons

You've stopped training on heavy weapons in your free time.

> @untrain all

You've stopped training in your free time. (Use @assign UE to assign your UE manually.)

+1 Interesting Idea!!!
+1 Interesting Idea!!!
+1 Interesting Idea!!!
Neo Prussian Botnets are getting out of hand.
Love it. Would make my life easier.
I don't really understand the need to spend time implementing something like this. Assigning UE is a very simple process, just put it where you want it every night..
To elaborate I'd love if you could set targets, or ratios.

IE if you're training artistry, and charisma, you can set it to raise say charisma for 1 raise for every 2 raises in art. or say 1 raise of charisma for every four raises in art. Etc etc. Maybe hard to implement but it'd be a good one.

I have to agree with mindkontrol, it's another system to maintain and build that is just automating something that is already simple.
I'm glad it's simple for you.

It's not simple for me.

I personally prefer things as they are. "@assign ue". Spend the UE I have available. Exit.

I am pretty sure that every system you can think of will have people who like it and dislike it though. As ling as I have control over my build equal to what I have today, I am happy.

"I'm glad it's simple for you.

It's not simple for me."

+1 to this

I can see a number of reasonable reasons for really wanting this, whether immersion, accessibility, or just set-and-forget QoL. I think it'd be a great addition.

I'd like this, because I'm always tempted to waste my UE instead of saving it to how much I need so that I can raise my higher-cost skills/stats.

But then, it's also not entirely necessary.

It'd be a plus if it was added, but I won't be sad if it isn't. They got loads on their plate as it is.

I think this is one of those quality of life improvements. Is it necessary? No, not for me. Would I use it? Not really. But that's just my opinion, I'm used to how things are right now (manual UE assignment).