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Bah, stop harassing me, come tomorrow or something.
When exactly is tomorrow?

Ok, this is something, as a courier, that my char's have been dealing with for awhile now.

Defining tomorrow.

I understand that there's only so much stock to be run in a day, but if i do some runs at 9am, then come back the next day at 830, Larri tells me "Bah, stop harassing me, come tomorrow or something."

that's a 30 minute window.

now, i understand some may say that abuse can happen if it was too short, like "Roll it at midnight", but not really. Because if i finish my runs at 2350, and then do more at 0003, i'm still only getting the runs that i would have at any time during those two days.

*actual idea*: a roll for the couriers at midnight instead of 24 hours from last job i think is a good idea.

I think its a full 24 hours after your last run.. theres a limit on how many runs each character can do in a day...  I'm not really sure what the limit is b/c i dont remember ever seeing it set...

My advice is to not do runs -every- day... but maybe every other day... *shrugs*

it is 24 from the last, and i get about 6-ish per day.

gotta save for that new koi ;)

I think it would be nice if it were a bit more lenient. If it was like a 30 minute window, then the place wouldnt remember exactly when you last ran a crate. So, maybe just a bit more lenient, like maybe 30 or 45 minutes at best...
Just a thought...