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Bak-Bak Baka!
Firing off shots

You should be able to fire of guns without actually initating combat, or aiming at someone.  Wether it be to celebrate, alert the homies, or just make 100% sure you've got that corpie's attention.
Yeah, I could definitely see some use for this.  You could have just firing a shot into the air, or firing a warning shot at the person's feet or something like that.  Maybe a chance of stray bullets coming down and hitting someone, or if you're a shitty shot, the warning may actually hit the person.
I don't know how much I like the idea of the bullet being able to come back down and hit some random player, but I'm all in favor of being able to make some noise with your guns outside of combat.
I wonder just how illegal firing one's weapon in the air would be in a city where everything is stacked on top of each other?
Having guns alone is illegal to the nines, I doubt firing at random or in the air is much of a concern to a ganger. On top of that, there are ambient populace messages of people doing exactly that anyways. So it wouldn't be anything new for the mix.
Emote is where it's at! Use it, love it, embrace it!
Just emoting it doesn't create messages in all nearby rooms.
In this situation emote would fail to be successful because those nearby wouldn't hear the shots going off. Plus the ammo isn't being expended.
It being illegal is all the more reason to do it in some situations.   A display of total disregard for anything but getting your point across.   It's only illegal if you get caught, or someone reports you.