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Bank Balance
With your Progia

You should be able to call in to check your bank balance without walking all the way to the bank. Need to know how much you're at? Just call Withmore Savings' automated line and ask how much you've got in the bank.

It feels like this would also be an incredibly cyberpunk way to handle bank transfers.

Get a cred chip, ya filthy mixer.

Like this idea. Being able to do transfers would be a nice touch. A complementary SIC bot, too, maybe?

I do wonder how the bank would confirm your identity over the phone? On SIC it could perhaps verify with the SIC #ID it's 'talking to'. Maybe a PIN mechanic would fix the first issue, and introduce RP possibilities (torturing / threatening people to get their PINs, etc.)

Cred chips are for corpies!

Already covered. Buy a credchip. And examine it.

Don't cred chips only deal with transfers to nearby chips, though? Or is there a function to long-distance transfer?

You asked about balance.

Credchips in their current form stimulate RP.

Going to the bank and doing a transfer there means you don't have to meet the other person face to face.

Credchips mean that you don't have to go to the bank, but you do have to meet the person face to face.

Long-distance transfers would let people do business while staying locked inside alone forever.

Credchips are not just for corpies. Mafia, Gang leaders, brothel madames, high end whores, Candy slingers, back room gambling, so many Mix related instances can use the credchip. Plus, just checking that someone DID send that transfer shows its use.

And if they didn't, then you know to hire someone to "follow up" for you.