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Being Able to Add To Kitchenettes
I don't like old-new food, new-new food.

So this has been a really annoying thing that has plagued cooks/chefs across the game, when restocking your kitchenette with new food from a store, the game forces you to throw the old food out, no matter what it is, so you restock the kitchenette with it.

If I had 30+ prepareable food items in my kitchenette, and I wanted to add some chese on toast to the kitchenette, to do so, I would have to throw all of those 30 food items out, and just leave me with the chese on toast. It would be amazing if I could stock the kitchenette with new food, without worrying about losing what stock is in there currently.

Also: Can we please add plates? Having 'a plate of X' would be SO much better when it comes to crafting food with chefs islands. Currently the only way to get 'a plate of x' is to have a food which comes with plates as an ingredient.