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Being robbed by the game
Automated @idea from in-game

@idea from Aikon

ok, I've seen lots of debate on which project needs worked on well here is #1 in my book, and (I'm no programmer so johnny or kev please help me out on this one) It doesn't appear to be hard to fix.
I have had tens of thousands of chyen worth of items 'pulled' from me like this.

[OOC: An automated GM reaches in and pulls the gold rolex from the game because the system is incomplete.]

this is Bullox to the third degree. I've heard people say we don't need more jobs on the dome, but every time I try to mug some fuckin corpie for a little chyen. I loose out. we emphasize RP so much well I'm trying to rp my desperate charcter doing whatever he has to to get some cash. but It's not working

please help me.

[OOC: An automated GM reaches in and pulls the gold rolex from the game because the system is incomplete.]

I am at a loss for what to say to this....personaly it makes absolutly no sence to me.  Last I checked, ALL the GM's are reall people just like you and me.

I dont want to get into too much ic detail here, but you have just blabed to the dome what your char does and I wish to address it.  Quite simple, any thief knows that they arent the only thief on the streets.  If you got robbed, deal with it icly instead of complaining.  The strong will survive and the weak must settle for their lots in life or become strong themselves.  So you got robed from, big deal, there are other marks in the world.  Yes its inconvienent, but if you were looking for convienence you would be a Corpie and not a thief.

Yes, a very odd message indeed. I've never seen it before, or heard of anyone gettingit before.

All I can really, say, and yes we use it many times as an answer, but it's very true: We're still in Beta. That means by playing you -accept- that stuff like this happens. You aren't getting robbed, you're experiencing a bug, unfinished code, etc. And yes, there will be a point where we aren't considered in beta, but I doubt it'll be any time soon.

The memento'd npcs items go away when they do. This is just temporary and will be upgraded when time/energy permit.


what -is- a memento'd NPC item?

The items that come on NPCs generated with the memento system?

Most gangers, terra agents, dogs, rats, cats and judges (of the NPC type) are memento NPCs. Oh yeah, and the corpies you've been seeing around.

They are only temporarily in existance and when they stop existing, so does any object they came into the game world with.

I think time should permit this one to be fixed first.  

people are walking around saying more complex matereals and cyberware are important. (and they are hell I'd give my char's left arm for cyberware)   but this is a bug that makes matereal items disappear from your inventory.  I don't expect people who have not experienced it to understand, but I noticed this firsthand long ago, at the time I xhelped about it because I was confused.  and was told that It would be fixed 'someday' and the more it's happened the more I thought It was an impotrant fix.

hell what if someone sold you the stuff  IC not knowing what would happen.  then It just dissappeared. tell me that would not be a mess.  

my only question to johnny is is this something that takes 30 min. when your bored someday,  or hours maybe even days?

btw some of these generated charcters have descriptions of nice clothes (or, well... clothes anyway)  but they really aren't wearing any.  if that is not also in the works that should probibaly be fixed.  

Generally, when I say 'someday', it means I don't know the exact solution I want to impliment yet. This isn't exactly the case here, but theres still some fuzzy bits. I've done some thinking on this and I believe to have a solution, but its on the scale of days, not hours.

Probably, we'll end up flagging the items that can stay (your 'loot' if you will) and anything else will vanish when the memento npc -dies-. This means you'd get to keep whatever the corpse had on it, completely removing this temporary annoyance of our growth.

so that could explain why ganger stuff gotten from an NPC ganger just vanished while my character was wearing it and left him standing in the streets nakie..  i asked about it over xhelp when i first saw the automated GM response and was given the response "whatd the mesg say" i replied "it's not finished" they replied "there ya go"  (paraphrased.)

oh well.


that's the same response I got like a few months ago when I first noticed it.

btw johnny may we have an  announcement on the approprate page when this is fixed?  


:pats his pockets then looks around and says "where'd that knife go?" then looks into the sky and yells "you bastards!!!"  


I can't promise you that I'll announce it, I tend to forget such things, but I'll try to remember and do so.

don't worry I'll be asking periodically.