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Bet it up
Money where your mutt is

My dog is more badass than yours..   Huh-uh...  Let's fight em and see.

Okay so I was thinking it'd be nice to see dog fights in game.  Dunno how plausible that is, but considering there are alreadys dogs, I figure it's worth a shot to atleast throw the idea out there.  Even if there's no way to up a dog's stats, maybe just use their base stats(which I'd assume are the same) and let em go at it, this way it'd just be up to the luck of the rolls to determine who the winner would be.

Anyway, this awaits for someone to tell me how far up my ass my head is.  Discuss.

Don't think we need any changes for this. A master can already order its pet to attack.

All I can say is sweet.