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Better macros ui

I think the @macros menu could be drastically improved, and with just few simple steps, so here is my proposed change of flow:

New command: @add-macro, which gets you directly into the adding-macro menu. Because let's be honest, 99% of the time when you enter the macro menu, that is what you are going to do. From this menu, we also remove the part where it asks whether to make it a triggered macro. More on that soon.

New command: @add-triggered-macro. As @add-macro, but for triggered ones, only difference is that it will also ask for trigger word. My problem with having that bundled with @add-macro is that it requires for you to type in "no" every single time you want to add a simple macro. And then even if you want a triggered macro, it's "yes" and then the "trigger word".

Changed command: @macros is now non-interactive and simply lists out your macros. Another handy, as if you want a reminder of your macros, that will do it, without blocking your input with a menu.

New command: @delete-macro. Takes you to the now @macros->3 screen.

New commands: @disable-macro, @enable-macro. Takes you to @macros->5 and @macros->4 respectively.

And with that there is no need for the @macros menu at all, doing common tasks requires less typing, less input blocking and adding macros should be a much more streamlined experience. And I hope that it wouldn't be too much of effort to implement, and well worth the greatly improved user experience.

Delete macros is already a thing iirc, and this is really not needed. This is just automating a system for automation.

If anything at all even needs to be done it's the edit menu.

Not automating, streamlining. And is it needed? Nope. Will it make life easier? Hells bends yea.
Why can't you just...

type the numbers?

Are you asking why am I suggesting an improvement to a system in the ideas and suggestion forums? Well, to improve it. Make it better, easier to use, nicer. You know, better.


Good enough.

Best of luck on making the game a better place like you surely are my dude.