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Betting Slips
The Ticket is Mine, BAKA!

Just a simple idea that Hookie should no longer remember you by face but instead hand out a betting slip that you or anyone else can use to redeem your winnings. Feel free to extrapolate accordingly...
The hoose, the wife, the wean...
As long as they self-immolate or something after a week or so.

Can't even imagine the bloat.

Like newspapers.
Love the idea. Might make a already kinda niche mechanic even more niche, buttttt I like the RP that might entail.
NOT like newspapers...
I see two sides to it.

On the down side I like that, as things are, you need to go cash in your bets if you want to collect. It' is a controlled and forced exposure. If you want the flash you need to get out.

On the up side it opens up some interesting RP possibilities that kind of shift the risk you are taking. You can always try and get people to be your ferries and risk them cheesing on you.

My concern is that shift of risk is one that might be more easily gamed then what we have now as you have far more control over who you expose yourself to when it comes to having chums and paid people do this for you then you have over who you might encounter while out of your largely safe room.

In the end what I would want to avoid is removing a reason for someone to get out and expose themeselves to the world at large.

@Grey0: If someone still needs to expose themselves to place the bet but the slip itself is the only the required to claim it - is that still enough exposure/risk?
How would that be enforced? Of course SOMEONE has to hand chyen over and get the slip, but how do you enforce where the chyen came from?