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Blades & Bikes
human power....

Roller blades and push bikes....

I was pondering how difficult it would be to introduce these elements. RP wise they would be a hoot, but coding the movement could get tricky I suppose, entering and leaving room objects on either of these things may just be too difficult to code. Global exit objects and hardcoded enter and leave messages may just be too annoying to recode, perhaps way too much softcode for something that possibly could be RP effectively with a few objects that had commands attached (I'm thinking carry message for the bike to lug it to your hotel room, rather than stash, guess it comes down to sizing issue on objects). Even simpler material made into RP objects can still have some cool messages with a bit of thought. You can always emote your ass off down the street on your �Hard Paper frame Huff-Crank street bike, pedalling like a lab mouse to get away from the bangers.....

The one thing that I tried to grasp was riding a bike or blading in the transit tubes with the vehicles, code nightmare perhaps or simply road kill? I guess the the old push bike could be coded as a vehicle.....

This was all prompted by me digging up Bad Voltage from the bookcase, and Chevette from Gibbo's books, and of course Jam Pony...heh.

You may be pleased to know this is something I've already thought about quite a bit and would very much like to implement as an aspect of the movement code.

Hacks are in the works to make some objects draggable/pushable/carryable without being able to stash them. Primarily corpses which can be carried by strong characters but should not be stashable. All vehicles will be pushable, cars will require someone to drive and x number of people to push to get a decent bit of speed up. I planned to make motorbikes pushable in non-street locations, thus allowing you to drag your precious Yamaha up to your apartment. Bicycles will be easily accomodated by the same code as motorbikes.

Skateboards and rollerblades I'm -slightly- unsure of, but yes, I would like to see them. I have two possible approaches...

The most probably I'm looking at right now is to make them a child of the generic rideable vehicle. This will allow them to handle exit messaging accurately but will lead to some code issues with determining which up/down exits you can safely ride through. I'd -like- to make it possible to ride bikes around inside buildings at a suitably slow speed but I don't know how much work that entails at the moment.

Alternatively, code is also in the works to allow you to both run and crawl (crawl will be needed once limbloss is enabled). The code will alter your exit speed appropriately and perform suitable substitutions in regular exit messages:

Rastus walks in through the doors to the west.
Rastus crawls in through the doors to the west.
Rastus skates in through the doors to the west.

There's pro's and con's to both methods in terms of implementation difficulty. Making them into rideable vehicles will lead to issues with grapple, exit blocking and numerous other player interaction verbs, most of which I'm going to have to deal with for all ridden vehicles anyhow.

Alternative walk method produces issues with exit messaging grammar. It'd just be a case of making sure all exit messages were written in such a way as to read okay with any of the optional substitutions, but there are -some- exits which you don't 'walk' through per say, but instead slide, slither, fall or otherwise pass through...

Anyhow... yeah. Thinking about it 8)

Oh, and Rickshaws, for those who can't afford the taxi fare.

I like the idea of bicycles and I was thinking the other day about motorised scooters. You know the kind you see middle-aged guys wandering around college towns on. They'd be ideal for an over crowded area like the dome, you could move through the streets, either on the sidewalks or in traffic. You could choose to use the express tubes or turn it off and carry it onto the mag-lev.

Then again, while it sounds cool, it sounds complicated to code.

Okay, maybe scratch that one.  But I do like the idea of bicycles, then you don't have to worry about buying petrol.

I don't think bicycles or those scooter things (or blades) should be allowed through Express tubes...they don't move fast enough.  A scooter/bicycle/rollerblade isn't really a vehicle...even though we have traffic laws that allow cyclists to ride in the car lanes and cars have to watch out for them...I still don't think they'd go over well in an express tube.
That whole not in the express tubes is a really valid point.  Just like non-motorized vehicles arent allowed on the highways and interstates.  That would however just turn those items into status symbols,  just different ways of walking.  Mostly because the only thing i reallly like about being able to use the cruiser is not waiting for those damn mag-levs.  People would most likely only own such items on the higher levels of the dome,  because of there cost and total lack any any real importance to life on red (unless you wanna get jumped for that Razor scooter,  or that kicking pair or K2 blades you got strapped on your feet.
I greatly disagree.

Red has the low life and the scum... but that means you want to be able to get away. Bikes and the such allow that.

Skates? How many times have you seen a blader grab a purse and run? Its faster, allows for quick escapes.

They are not expensive AT ALL either... in the world today, they are cheap. In 85 years, making them would be as easy as making a pair of shoes now...