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Blind Fighting
I wear my sunglasses at night, in the sewers.

I think there should be penalties to engaging in combat in a dark environment. Such penalties that can be counter-acted by cyberware and various goggles accordingly. Thoughts?

This can start off as purely based around rooms with dark condition but be expanded to a penalty from being struck by attacks in eyes along with gas and flashbangs.

I think we all agree this makes sense.
I love the idea. Would make turning off the lights in apartments make more sense too, for the ambushed or those hiding.
Maybe if your perception is insanely high, the penalty is much smaller because you can hear them moving? But huge boost with echolocation cyber
You click your flashlight into strobe mode and beat Bob's face in with the business end, blood flicking like rave confetti from his face.
If Slither says it makes sense - this is everyone's opportunity for everyone to introduce subtle nuance to the code. Throw it into the mix, kids.