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Blood splatter on weapons
For street-sams and melee clobberers alike!

I don't believe that weapons currently get blood splatter, though armor does. I'm hoping that there could be a system similar to the armor blood splatter that could be transferred over to weapons that bleed a person- or headshots with various other melee weapons that would reasonably cause the person to bust a lip or nose and get blood on said weapon.

I'm unsure how cleaning the weapon would be implemented in addition to this, perhaps just a 'clean [blank]' command where you get a command message along the lines of 'You whip out a rag, quickly wiping grime and blood off of [item]'?

I think this would add a lot of badassery to characters, though not exactly something that's needed.

Love this idea.

Maybe a tie-in with forensics where varying skill levels could detect blood on a weapon, or even (with proper skill and equipment?) WHOSE blood is on a weapon?


this could maybe tie into maintainence for bladed weapons, but tbh if you arent already emoting swishing the blood off of your hanzo steel before you put it back idk why youre playing sindome

It takes very, very careful science IRL to come even remotely close to determining where (and what) blood comes from. Just being able to sort of 'figure out' whose blood it is doesn't make much sense unless they're like, an alien or some shit.

I totally missed the 'proper equipment' bit. It's early, forgive me.

I also wouldn't mind seeing blood more common in fights. I mean, hands, fists, pipes and ax handles can all produce plenty of blood. Sure, the chance of someone starting to bleed out is much, much smaller than with a bladed weapon or gun but unarmed and blunt weapon fights feel too clean in my opinion.