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Bodily functions?
hunger, thirst, sleep, bathroom facilities

what if there was a thing where very so often your character actually felt they needed to do something involving there bodily needs, like going to the bathroom, and they have to go within a certain, reasonable amount of time, or they piss themselves. or when they are so tired that they fall asleep or are so hungry or thirsty they could starve. and the characters wouldnt be able to do minor or major things depending on the problem for risk of causing crtain things, or they are not nourished enough and dont have enough energy to do strenuous tasks. though i can understand not having thirst and starvaion since some people are unable to constantly buy food at whatever intervals and whatnot...


There is a fadigue system in the works that will implement that, from the little I know.

It's a game, lets leave the mundane things for real-life.


If your really jonesing to take a piss, find a bathroom.