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body bags!
You stuff your corpse into the bag...

... and drag it off, whistling.

Body bags, or rugs, or tarps or a cloth ... like a shroud.. but for corpses!
something to hide the identity of that pesky body as you drag it through the mix...

See, while the physical details "vanish" once someone dies (i don't get how that's logical.. but eh...)
The title "Bobs corpse" is still visible and if someone looks at the corpse they will know that it's "Bobs corpse" and they see that it's a -fresh- "Bob's corpse" and then they eye you nervously and ask you what you're doing with "Bobs corpse" and you have to say something silly like "Er... I found it?" and it's quite an ackward moment for everyone involved.

Now, if "Bobs corpse" was covered and all people saw was, "Goat Ninja is here, struggling with an oddly man-sized grocery bag in his arms." You might still have an ackward moment, but there is no knowledge of what -sort- of corpse you have. Female/male, how fresh.. etc etc. ...and you can always say it was a persian rug and a broken shower curtain that you hauled away from that abandoned alley... hey... its your word against theirs.

The drawback to neatly wraping up your corpse could be how quick you move with it to -keep- it hidden. Maybe if Goat Ninja's really unlucky an arm would flop out or something.

Me thinks that i need to stop posting about corpses...


*edited for typos... always edited for them damned typos.*

(Edited by Bias at 2:42 am on July 30, 2003)

alcohol is the mother of invention... i think....

no, that's not a bad idea though...

After reading this post, and Bias' post on the construction thread, I have a new respect for her black sense of humor -and- vodka slurpees.  ;)

I want a vodka slurpee..

*stuffs Aikao in a bodybag and wanders off*

*cuts his way out with a katana, then wanders off to sob alone in a corner*

If I remember correctly, bodybags are kinda cramped.  How would you draw your katana?

He didn't specify having it sheaved before he got stuffed in, and any warrior wouldn't go down without a fight right? So it would probably be un-sheaved anyway...

But what do I know...? *grins*


Its because I'm magical, damn it!  You should know that!  *flies off leaving a trail of sparkles*


Bad guys always take the time to ensure that the Street Sam they just killed has his kat in his hand when they stick him in the body bag. They never take it, or anything like that.

I mean I know I do. Don't you?


But, Kev its not a bad guy.  Its Bias!

i be bad-guy! i be bad-guy!

ok... maybe not bad-GUY...

*eyes* least i'm not wearing sparkles...

I'm really not sure -what- Bias is anymore. I'd rather have sparkles than be a sewer rat in a jumpsuit. :)

do not be dissing the oh so sexy jumpsuit.

if i put sparkles on it, will that stem your confusion?

and on another note. a week till i go away!

cheer now.

where ya goin b?  

oh, by the way, i'm back now guys. got moved in and all my shit fixed.

did i tell you guys i dropped my pc case an entire floor?  with the pc in it...  busted the case.. .   the compie still works.... and its in a new case now... you shoulda seen the bitch bounce...   tough lil thing ain' she? wish I could drop *cough* throw *cough* my computer on the floor...

I'm so tired of it...I mean...really. And now I got that damn Blaster Worm virus's just pissing me off. Oh well, I can always hope...

Hmm, this is off topic but in response to Kain, so feel free to discard it if you like.

I also had the blaster worm infect my PC I believe, although the reports on sites don't mention getting a 60 second countdown until ones PC restarts due to 'the Remote procedure call (RPC) service terminat[ing] un-expectantly'.
This generally happened after being online for about one minute, and effectively prevented my from using the internet. However it ceased to happen from Thursday, but I didn't trust the unexplained recovery, and my PC needed a reformat and clean up anyway, so I erm... did just that.
XP wouldn't boot off the CD though, despite my Bios settings being fine, and I don't have separate boot disk... so basically my PC is now lying flat on it's side, opened up, with my downstairs hard drive (running a now bodged up 98SE) now set up as a master and lying exposed on the drive rack...making a lot of noise ;).
Ahh, the things I do so my character�s rent won't run out *grins*.

Erm yeah, I don't know why I felt like telling you that, but there you go.
A friend of mine has also been infected by the blaster worm variant, along with an obviously increasing amount of people, so you're not alone. A fix is apparently available, and it won't affect XP users with the latest SP, although you'll need to do more than just upgrade XP now...

Hope is good :)

(Also in reply to mine and Pro's posts)

I found a way to get rid of the counter if you are infected and just don't feel like fixing the problem just yet. It's mostly just for temporary use (like trying to get on to pay your char's rent :P).

Just go to the Start Menu, go to Run. Type in 'command' to bring up your DOS console. Then type 'shutdown -a' all without the quote thingys. It deletes the countdown.