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Body Mass Index

So it just bothers me that during chargen, your Build seems to only take into account your weight alone. I feel like this leads to situations where very tall people with a thin build would have inhumanly low body mass index, or short fat people to have ridiculously high ones. I feel like your weight should be calculated from your selected Build and height, so that very thin people would have a very low BMI, people with normal builds would have normal range BMIs, and fat people would have overweight BMIs, and so on.

I'm not sure if this may be too niche to warrant a change to the system, since I'm unsure when if ever weight would be important, but it just seems weird that somewhere out there there's a fella with the density of a black hole or a Mixer who would be blown away if a stiff breeze hit them.

Always search before posting people.
I -think- I brought this up sometime before. Not sure if I posted about it anywhere, though.
@Johnny I searched around, but I couldn't find anything that match this. I'll admit maybe I wasn't using the best keywords though.

Does anyone have any links to previous discussions on this?