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Body Mods
why no piercing paraphernalia?

  Just a thought here, but  wouldn't it be neat if we could have a system set up for piercing like the one already in use for tattooing? I mean, yeah, we can just rp it if ya wanna be technical, and put it in our description, but I think it would be better if we could establish a system for it, and maybe even incorporate new items in game (ie hoops, barbells, spikes, dermal anchors, etc.) that we could buy sell trade, whatever. I dunno, maybe it's just me, but I think that would be better and it would open up another corner of the market for use in game. And what about scarification? It's not a hugely popular kind of body mod, but it is quite interesting and very artistic if done right. Is there any kind of scar system available that can be used to produce this effect? I'm a big fan of all types of body mods, and I just think the field isn't covered as well as it could be in game. Maybe I'm wrong, but I think somebody will agree with me.

 damn, I hate double posting, but I just thought of something else too.  

  So, if you've got a char and they are sufficiently covered in tattoos, wouldn't it be feasible for their short description to include that.  Something like  " tattooed guy wearing leather pants"  or something to that effect? It just seems to me that the fact that someone's torso is completely covered in ink would be more noticeable than the fact that they are short or topless or ugly or whatever. just another thought.

I fully enjoy both of those ideas, especially the shortdesc one.

 Ok, so I got another idea about tats, and I looked but could find no other posts pertaining to it, so, here goes.

 I know that ways exist for removing tattoos, but I have yet to see anything about cover-ups. Anybody familiar with the tattoo biz is gonna know that cover-ups are a big part of the work that every shop does. So, is there a way to do these cover-ups already established, and I'm just not seeing it, or if there isn't, then would it be possible to implement one?

 I for one think that it should definitely be there.  It's not only a more readily available alternative to removing unwanted ink, but it's usually cheaper, and it's a good boost  to an in-game industry that  should be able to be accessed.

 Please let me know if it's already available, cause I've been blind on these things before, but if it isn't, then please take my idea into consideration, while it may be minor to some, I think it helps in the overall picture.  

Thanks for your time.

  Ok, I got one more on the tattoo topic and then I'll leave it alone.... at least for awhile....... no really, I'm serious.

  Anyways, I was messing around with some canvas earlier, and they've got this neat little color coding thing on them... so my question is...... could that be used in conjunction with the tattoo code??
  I think it'd be awesome to see your color tattoos jump out like the colors on paintings do.

  Once again though, if this is already possible, please let me know how so,  and excuse my ignorance of it, but I haven't seen this option when using the tattoo guns, so I don't think it's doable as of yet.

  This would make me a very happy camper, even if it is the only one of my ideas that makes muster. Anyways, I'm going to bed now.... let me know if this is a possibility.

I'm pretty sure this could be solved by taking some material and making their descriptions as hoops and barbells and whatnots and have them cover the desired peirced area, and have rp to go with it?

Yep, Bio's right.  Seen it done, works great as long as it's made right.  Tedious making individual pieces but the finished products can be pretty damned good.

 Ok... so, if I'm doing this material... how do I set up the coverage for say... a lip ring, without having it cover the whole head? I see individual coverage spots for each ear, but outside of that it's a whole region you're covering.... help me understand this one please.... I'm not against it at all, it sounds great, I'd rather have the custom jewelry to be honest. Do you just not set the coverage to anything? and if so where does that showup in your desc?

 So.. yeah. I was just fiddling with this idea... and I'm still getting the coverage issue. The lip ring either covers the hat or vice versa, can't wear an object with no coverage set, the only other coverage options even remotely close are the ears and eyes.... that just won't work. Am I just lost or is there something I'm not doing right?

I think this might help

Last post made by Slither talking about the see-thru option.  I've used this on jewelry myself and know for a fact it works like a charm.  Hope that helps

(Edited by Ramsey at 7:11 pm on Dec. 15, 2009)

Awesome.....exactly the thing I was looking for.....thanks man.

You can use @see-thru but will still have problems trying to remove your earrings, lip rings, nose rings, hat, etc. because they will have to come off in the order that they went on.

Kind of a pain.

One additional issue: As of yet you cannot just set the weight of an object, so a piercing might be, say 2 kg weight-wise.  That can take up a lot of space when a character can only carry maybe 50 kg max.  Just a thought.



Well... what's the status of the issue then? Any admin got word on when we might have a more reasonable system of establishing weight for custom items? I've noticed this myself, and I must say, 2 kg for lip rings is crazy. I understand there's an opening for abuse of the system if you just allow players to set the weight, but I mean... someting's gotta give here. How does th esystem work as it stands now? It seems pretty random from my observations.

I've been thinking over this idea for tattoos for a while now, I guess I should go ahead and post it already. Anyways, here's my thoughts. We have this nice little system for paintings which allows the artist to denote color into the work, prefixing words with %brblue and %normal and all that jazz right? Is there a way we can incorporate that into tattoos as well? I mean, maybe it's more work than I'm imagining but I think it'd be totally worth it. It'd give people something else to use to draw attention to certain aspects of their description and appearance and all. I've even discussed it with a few other players, and the consensus seems to be in favor. Anyways, just another idea from me, and yes it's about body mods again. Sorry, I gotta speak up about the things I wanna see. VermilionGrin