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Bomb Disposal
Automated @idea from in-game

@idea from John

I don't know if this is already planned or what, but I was thinking: What about a special bomb disposal unit in the WJF? Instead of re-working half the WJF, you could make a few players or NPC or whatever, be street judges, but they would be the ones to respond to Bombs and such as well as regular crimes. I don't know if there are 'take out half a city block' kind of bombs in Withmore, but still. It would be fun to have. I for one would put points in explosives and such if there was a thing.

As a little addition here: Maybe just change the description of like a grenade or something? Or would it be hard to make one specific grenade and up the damage mod by a whole lot? So that the GMs wouldn't have to puppet characters that would bomb stuff. I know there are TONS of players here that would LOVE to blow stuff up.

Blowing stuff up will mostlikely never be directly in the hands of players because of the problems associated with room descriptions and changing the structure of the game.

Ok, do you ever think there will be bombs, and as such, domb disposers?

Door buster charges, small anti-personel claymores, mines, safe crackers, etc. That's about the limit of what will be released. As Johnny said, anything on a grander scale has large scale implications if made available to the player base. Code can't accomodate the damage a large scale explosion would do to location(s) and alter the descriptions appropriately and additionally, the prospects of players destroying whole areas of the game at their will is somewhat disturbing.

Characters with the explosives related skills will be able to disable claymore booby traps and the like, safely.

But... don't hold your breath.