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Brawler and Martial arts weapons
New weapon?

Would it be possible to get a new brawler and or martial arts weapon. I was thinking Barbed wire wrapped gloves for brawling and maybe a kurambit for krav maga?
I just Feel like the price of bass knuckles is kinda high when its the only option for brawlers that I have been able to find Icly.

The items that exist are there and priced as such for balancing reasons. Brass knuckles are also not your only option.
Look at it this way. Your fists are literally a free weapon. No matter what situation you're in, you have the advantage of a weapon at your disposal. Logically, it makes sense for weapons for something that you have by default all the time to have costly what is essentially just upgrades to what you have for free.
I understand that. Help me understand what I don't. Take knives for example. You have butterfly, spyderco, stiletto. Each being better than the other as far as my knowledge goes. So you have three stages. Hands effectively only have two. Hands brass knuckles. So if there is a third for them I have to just FOIG?
This is true, but it's a trade off. When you're disarmed of your knife, you longer have a weapon. If you're disarmed of brass knuckles, you can still punch the shit out of a baka. Does that make sense? And yes, you'd need to find out in game.
Naturally, you'd have a high agility as a knife user. So it out scales, wouldn't it? At a high enough level, you just wouldn't be able to disable someone.
There are more levels of things. They are just less obvious than knives. Lot of this is FOIG, so please move this line of questioning there
Let's not discuss mechanics please. I don't mean the command disarm, I just mean disarmed in general. There are numerous scenarios you could find yourself without a weapon.
Forgive my ignorance, I thought HtH (Brawling/Martial Arts) was balanced by having a lack of blocking/parrying?