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Breaking Up Descriptions
Making descriptions more readable

Walls of text suck, they are difficult to read quickly, skim, or parse effectively. In particular, when someone is wearing many pieces of highly described clothing, it's hard to keep track of which item of clothing one is currently reading, and how it relates to the whole.

Idea for a solution: double vertical bars, or some other kind of delimiter, between pieces of clothing and/or nakeds, to allow for easier reading and skimming of someone's description. It would be nice to be able to jump around between items while reading, and delimiters would be immensely helpful to this end. Any thoughts?


Her face is round, and her eyes playful. She has long black hair tied in a braid.

Wow, deleted most of my post. Writing the rest of it up again, just a sec...

Nakeds already get broken up into up to three chunks and there are different colors for clothing, cyberware, nakeds, and makeup.

Example: Her face is round, and her eyes playful.

I do get that, Vera, but in my experience it's not enough. The main problem tends to be between articles of clothing, which vary immensely in length and make reading someone's description, especially quickly in an RP situation, very difficult.

I find situations like that best to just scroll pause the page and read either during a lull in the conversation or RP, or after the fact

Looking at your example, I'm not seeing how that actually makes the descriptions any clearer. It does make it look less attractive to me though.

The problem with adding in more separation is that not everyone plays this game with the same settings. One person might have 120 characters on a line, another might have only 80. So what's a big block of text to one person might be just a couple lines to another. When you start to split things up, you create the issue where many people might be looking at what is only one or two lines on their screen separated by breaks that just don't make sense.

Sometimes things might not be as pretty as they can be, but remember, you can always pause your scroll and take however long you need to read something.

Alright, it's just me, I'll go fuck myself, haha

Yeah, you do that, nerd.

I'm gonna agree with Jeannisti with this one. Sometimes when clothing is made, the urge to want to break up paragraphs is a thing.

I've honestly felt this way, too. It's sometimes difficult taking in someone's description when you are meeting them for the first time and they have a large amount of that sort of gear. And even with @wrap off and fullscreened on my 1080 monitor,it can be such a large block that it becomes difficult to sometimes comprehend before you have to also worry about roleplaying.

I feel like if there were a short summary, before or after, describing the items visibly worn that are triggering a @desc:

"Putter the Chummer is wearing a green driver's cap, black neXus mirrorshades, a crisp white long-sleeve shirt, green wool vest, a silver ring, beige pants, brown leather pennyloafers and is wielding a tommy gun with both hands.

The fine stitching on his green and yellow driver's cap is yaddayaddayadda, etc."

Something like that, maybe? Before or after. That way if you need to look for important details you'll still need to scan their description - a hint of a tattoo under his sleeve or what color hair is poking out from under his cap. I don't know how much trouble it would be, honestly, and there may be some weird interaction with disguise that I don't know about.

I understand that shortdesc takes care of this to a degree by giving you an item and/or characteristic to note the person by, but it seems a bit unrealistic to have to take a few minutes to soak in a person's appearance to get a gist of them other than they had a helmet or were wearing red stilettos, while you're also trying to roleplay with them or others - especially if you're meeting more than one decked-out person at a time.

Not saying it isn't fun to read cool, intricate descriptions, either! I don't want them to go away or anything. It's just hard to pick out particulars fast enough sometimes, for me.

You all know about the glance command right? What if that command included a list of the clothing worn, as described above. It would make sense given the name of the command.

I'd love that.

That would be really helpful without throwing off our describe/nakeds. Do you think it could contain their hair, eye color and ethnicity as well, if their face/head is showing?

'glance' will now show you a list of the visible items that a person is wearing.

It will also tell you if someone is missing limbs (that are visible).


Great idea, thanks!