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Business Phone Numbers
Forward them to gridphones

We should be able to purchase and subscribe to business phone numbers which forward to grid phones of our choosing.  So, for instance, if Doc Johns wants a 383-WARE number, or if Tater over at the Canary wants his pimp mobile phone to have an ASS-FUCK number, he goes to a Pac West terminal, pays a base fee for the number, and sets it up to forward to a particular phone. If for some reason that gridphone is lost, a setup fee is paid to transfer the business line to a different gridphone.  Also, since these are business numbers, perhaps we could differentiate in that business numbers are similar to CHEX Taxi's 383-CHEX number, in that the last four digits are letters.  That way grid phones out in the game aren't effected by the weird alphanumeric sequences people come up with for their business lines.  The benefit of this is that people will always have an access number that is relatively static similar to their SIC aliases, and provides them a means of having publically available numbers that don't change at the drop of a hat.  An additional function might be to allow people to dial out via their business number, so that that number shows up on another person's caller ID rather than their private gridphone number.  As an aside, perhaps there should be a means of transferring phone numbers to different phones, that way you could report a gridphone lost, or have the option to either transfer or generate a new number when buying another gridphone.  That way a gridphone number is linked to a character, rather than to a phone.

Me likey.

Any word on this?  I was just breezing through some old posts and spotted it. This is a damn good idea in my book. Any admin got insight on whether this is gonna be available in the future, or is it available now and I just don't know about it?