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Busy Schedules
Just throwing some random ideas in.

I used to play games like Ultima7 and now I play Oblivion and an interesting thing i like about those two games is that NPCs literally wake up in the morning, have breakfast, go to their shop, open it up and do their business, take a break for lunch, close shop in the evening and then go to bed at night, (at which time it would be easy to break in their shop and steal stuff).

When using cheats in Ultima it was possible to see the schedules for the NPCS.

08:00 wake up
09:00 go to work
12:00 eat lunch
19:00 go home
20:00 eat dinner
21:00 sleep

I pictured if in Sindome some NPCs would close shop and head down to Drone for drinks in the evening then disperse to ther homes and leave shops guarded by autocannons or dogs or something.

Anyways, just a thought.

Yeah. We thought about it.

It just leaves parts of the game unusable at critical times for our overseas players.

We do have random NPC's wandering around though, and doing other IC activities.


Small hack _might_ solve this.

Divide the 24 hour schedule into 4 identical 6 hour schedules

0:00 go to work
0:30 work
5:30 go to drone
6:00 random("get drunk", "eat", "talk to bartender", "use NLM term)

Or another trick is to have shop owners change names, so while one of them is sleeping, the other one is working, but still have the shops close down for a brief period of time.

As for pupetting the NPCs on schedule, it could print a simple reminder on screen saying.  [Time to "go to work"] or something.

Its up for grabs how good of an idea this is...

You play SD long enough, you can predict alot of shit...I don't wanna know who and what is gonna be around where at what time. Especially if my character is a homicidal maniac after anyone looking out of place for some quick chy.

GM's do a pretty good job puppeting NPC's. So its no thing. Plus some NPC's are RARELY seen unless you know where to find them. Its just the way it is.

I think general momento NPC's are based on weather and location though. So something similiar is in effect. Definetly noteworthy idea though. :)