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Buying furniture.

Buying furniture from a store is kind of a drag, especially if you have a permapad.

Was thinking about this for a while, and adding 'buy furniture' to a apartment/room 'examine' list or on the exits 'examine' list would make it easier to decorate your apartment. If this would be added to the game, we could get rid of the usual furniture buying process, and make store furniture appear on the character after purchase. Naturally, this would need your character to have an credchip, or payment upon delivery.

What if I want to kill you when you're dragging your bookshelf back to your permapad.

I'm inclined to agree, personally. We try to avoid too much convenience with things like this because we want people to make themselves vulnerable for scenarios like Kuzco put forward for the sake of RP and conflict.

Could always hire someone with a vehicle to deliver it too. Creates RP.

Well tough luck. I think there's much more valuable items in the games one can buy, and get robbed off. This thread became useless after i got educated about certain things i can do to get around this anyways :P

Getting dealership kiosks to take chips or bank drafts would be damned nice.

But then you can't get robbed going to buy a car :)

But you can't lift a car or carry one with you, or can you? :P

We actually desire more acceptance of cred chips but it'd take a lot of new code and hasn't been a priority project for some time with the other big projects on the horizon, unfortunately.

Cred Chip wouldn't be a thing used on Red though.

The mental image of someone re-enacting The Warriors but it's just a guy trying to get a bookshelf home in the Mix is amazing.