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NK Personal Video Recorder

I think a problem with the current disposable cameras in game is that it's difficult to capture motion in a photo. In the movies the spies are always catching people red handed. In sindome there is a disappointing lack of hard evidence for anything. Too much hard evidence might not be a good thing because a lot of RP comes from the ease in lying to people and it shouldn't be the norm that evidence is needed to prove anything. But in some situations it really comes in handy. In modern day society if you do anything to grab attention and somebody around has a video recorder in their cell phone that video is bound to end up on the Internet. I think it would be great if every time somebody got in a fight on Red a bunch of thrill seekers taped it and posted it on the Grid for morbid fun.

NLM has eyepods...and as awesome & advanced the system is its not close to down. However, I believe there is a thread about Cameras. It would be nice if they captured Look_places.

Found the thread....

(Edited by ReeferMadness at 9:35 am on Jan. 6, 2009)

I'm thinking something relatively cheap with short recording times might do the trick.