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Automated @idea from in-game

@idea from Orionite

"If characters going through the sewers were to use candles and at a certain time the candles would go out it would add RP and would definitely make the sewers used less for the umm poorer."

Why would you use a candle when flashlights are cheap and readily avalible?

And who in their right mind would rely on a candle for light in a sewer? A lantern maybe... but a candle?

*mind boggles at the archaicness of it*


Nevermind the potential for flammable gases lingering in sewers.

Me thinks someone needs to spend more than five minutes getting familiar with the game before sharing their brain farts.
real life rule for going into sewers/tunnels/drains/abandonded buildings... er... heh.
: number 'what-the-hell-ever-but-it's-on-top-of-the-list'

candles- bad!

flashlightS- yar! (headlamps... woo!.. uh. i mean...)

the end.

translate into game.

... why am i picturing martha stewert in the sewers? she's running from the prison guards holding a pink, home made, scented candle... don't let them get you martha! walmart is depending on you!

Don't forget the emergency flares, which are very cheap and require no battery.
Yes, emergency flares... incase of unexpected 70's revival, break glass.
don't let them get you martha! walmart is depending on you!

I thought she was with Kamart?

"Lemme ket you in on a little secret ray...K-Mart is bad"