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Canteens filled with alcohol
for all the best alcoholics

Currently, canteens can't be filled with anything but a water source from what I understand, but I think it would be neat to give canteens a more expanded usage through the dome, other than water containers. Alcohol, KMB beverages, spiked drinks, I think these should all be able to be carried by canteens, as a way for both Mixers and Corpies to have a portable alcoholic drink to solve alllll their problems.

Something as simple as 'fill canteen with [drink]' that pours the drink into the canteen, and perhaps even the mixing of drinks. One 'drink canteen' consumes one portion of a random beverage inside the canteen, with the canteen holding perhaps up to five portions worth of liquid, or just however much water it originally holds would be perfect.

Or a thermos for the coffee and tea fanatics to carry around would be good to see.

Flasks would be awesome to have. Canteens are comically large for drinking alcohol from, at least in my opinion.

Flasks, canteens, alcoholics wouldn't know the difference. Although, the addition of a flask would be perfect, I still think canteens should be able to carry alcohol, despite comical largeness ;)