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Canvas to Digital Whiteboard

I love that art canvases are digital and that they work with the mind, so you don't have to have a paint brush or paints...IRL I think that would be the penultimate way to create and if we could get tools out of the way, we'd have more art and idea in the mix....anyway...

I'm a big whiteboard user. Digital whiteboards are becoming popular...and I think it would be in line with the canvas technology. The only difference I would see is being able to not make it final. And make it so that anyone could erase anyone's work on a whiteboard. I think a digital whiteboard would be a great way for people to transfer information at a specific location.

Thusly, could you also push a button and uplink whatever is on the whiteboard to an eMemory module, or to a Node/Email account on the grid.

So, you would walk down Fuller street, stop and see the message somebody left on the digital whiteboard in the New Rose lobby, push one button on the whiteboard and send the image off to your gridmail account, then push another to erase the board?
It would be cool if the image itself could be referenced automatically in the web client too.
I enjoy this idea.