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Canvases displaying work in progress
Showing off a half-finished piece of art.

As long as you don't 'seal' a canvas, you can rework the description over and over again, but it doesn't show up on it. The only way to see it is to enter the edit-mode again.

It would be great if the canvas would display whatever work in progress there is, even if it isn't yet sealed, just by looking at it. That would make it a lot easier and more intuitive to show others one's unfinished art.

Would appreciate the ability to edit paintings, like if I want to touch them up because I made a mistake, rather than trash the whole canvas and lose all the money - or end up selling it to the market just to make -some- money back even though it leaves a crappy object in the world that will potentially be an almost duplicate.
I second DiamondNine's idea. It would also allow people to more creatively deface existing artwork if they stole it and reworked it and put it back up.

Right now, if I want to create an artistic defacement of a WJF Recruiting Poster for instance I need to recreate it from a blank canvas instead of actually changing the existing object.

Probably have value decrease with "unsealing" like with tailoring for balance reasons.