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Carnal thoughts.
it'd be nice if..

The description of the balcony area of Carnal desires mentions waitresses taking drinks orders.

Any chance we could have something to that effect coded, too?

Lazy bastard.  Maybe you should apply for the job.

Yes. I'm a lazy bastard for suggesting something be coded to match the ic description, rather than applying for a job that in no way suits my character!

What a fantastic addition. Thanks for coming out. Really.

And again, I point out the fact that sarcasm is not easily displayed in a text medium.  As far as the idea goes, sounds like it makes sense.

The reason sarcasm works in real life is you have a face that expresses things. Use a emoticon in place of your face and it won't come across nearly as rude. :)

Addressing the idea ... no, if anything, I'd change the description. It, however, is a player owned club, so I'm not touching it. I stepped on those toes enough for one MOO-lifetime.

Hey Johnny, can you code an @sarcasm command?