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Cars and stuff
Automated @idea from in-game

@idea from Walker

Cars shuold be given a license plate so that they are trackable. This should be automated from the dealer. unless a vanity plate is specified.

and if one so chooses there should be a way to change the plates.

Yeah, that would be nice. But the player should have to look at the car to see it so people can still escape unseen.

well Duh

Another thing, could we drive a car in reverse? Sometimes doing a 180 turn inside small places (like in a garage and driving a van) can be a bit worriing...

So how about a reversal? You get in, rear back into the street and then drive away happly and without running a mechanic over...

Wish they'd get my cars and stuff....:(

Both ideas have my vote...

if your going to give cars plates. you need to be able to take the plates off.  I doubt any gangers are going to be driving there stolen cars with there real plates.

Well then, we need a VIN!

I dont like the idea of the plates being removable. If you relly think with all the cool shit we got for our cars today and imagine in 85 years from now the shit we will have will be nuts. I think an LCD screen on the front and back that reads your license plate would be nice. But I think that right now if any work is done on cars it should be put into decent security systems, I mean like any car when you order it you have different packages to choose from, like the premium or the deluxe and they all have a different alarm. And the top grade ones zap you and knock you out for like fifteen second and shout for help over a loudspeaker.

I dunno just a thought.

After playing NFSU2, and helping my buddy turn his POS Geo Storm from shit to semi-pimp, I had a cool idea for SD.

Street races, body kits, add-ons, nitro, stero systems,and all that cool shit you can do with cars.

Of course, no mixer, save for the crime lords, can afford somthing like a 2089 Mono, and cool features.

So, how about at KRO's we have a used car lot??
Old 2049 Mustangs that can barely get off the lot, and then you can bring them back, put some turbo and shit in it, and turn it into a real racer.

It would probably be hell on code, but think about it.
Street races for cash, or even your fucking car! It would also throw alot of RP and income at the mechanic players.

Who says that vehicles -are not- trackable and or uniquely identifiable?  :biggrin:

And don't bother askin' cause we're not telling.  It's IC info.

As for coded vehicle mods, as cool at it would be there are a few problems with it.

The first two that come to mind are ..

There are higher priority things (repeat after me) 'on the list'.

99% of the people living in the mix (most characters included), couldn't afford a car so wouldn't be interested in mods, -some- current characters being the exception.

Of course, this doesn't mean you can't -RP- it.

Yeah, but in the ambient population description, beat up gang rides and old shit vans are pretty common.
Which leaves one to wonder where they get them.

Hey, are the new models out yet?  it IS 2090 now, right?  ;)

Quote: from Biohazard on 5:46 pm on Dec. 30, 2004[br]Yeah, but in the ambient population description, beat up gang rides and old shit vans are pretty common.
Which leaves one to wonder where they get them.

It's the Mix, man. They don't get them, they -steal- them. And every now and then they rig one from scratch and lots of duckt tape... o.O

I want a duct-tape mobile.

"It's the Mix, man. They don't get them, they -steal- them. "

That's all fine and dandy. But who do they steal them from, and where do they get them, and so on?