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Cell/Grid Phones

I think since the progia's are considered gridphones instead of cell phones their names should reflect it.

Dont know if you can change this in the phone's parent object or not, if you could this would be a simple fix.

IF not, this could be daunting....

My reason is that myself, and others i'm sure are  still in the habit of calling them cell phones. . . I dont have a problem with it since their called Progia-# Cell. But I've noted some players/admin have expressed that they are not cells they are gridphones...

So i thought that might help keep the theme goin.

Tis a good point. They are phones that work over the grid, not over cellular towers.  We'll fix.
Hmm....then when there's a SIC brownout and we can't use quickterms (don't those use the Grid and not the SIC network?) we shouldn't be able to use cell phones either?

A)That doesn't make sense..the quickterms not working in a brownout never made sense to me, can an admin explain?

B)Cell phones would lost most of their usefulness in this case.

I've also seen a gridphone pick up in the badlands before... is there grid outside of the dome?
...meanwhile, I'm having enough trouble referring to them as "cells", so another change won't be that difficult.

It's a mobile, dammit.
My language is better than your language! Ha!

*wanders off*

There not supposed to work in the badlands, there is no grid.  As far as I know, from what I've been told, its up to players to police this.
There are plenty of reasons to use gridphones, even if they do brown out. SICless people? Don't feel like communicating over the SIC? Ect...

And yeah, no network on the outside...that wouldn't make too much sense, but I've allways wondered how Citizens could keep in contact with others outside the dome, like, say, in Neo York or such...

I have wondered that as well, perhaps satilites pointed at the dome.. or phiber optic wires or something of the sort.. so that could be the reason they don't work in the badlands.

I also agree, people who don't want to do business on the SIC, for fear of being overheard!.. Grid phones.  The problem with refering to a 'cell' as a 'grid' is that you can't use it in a sentance.  'Hit me up on my grid' could also refer to 'the' grid.  As in grid mail.

The way I explain it away is that it was old terminology that has carried over during the years as slang.  There are other examples of that kind of thing used today, although I am slightly intoxicated and can thing of none now.

How about Debug?

Thats right, bugs used to infest telephone boxes and shite. Then some poor service dude would have to assassinate the little bastards.

If gridphones became based on a stable SIC connection, it'd be easy enough work around.  I think it'd be better if you got a "staticky" connection and it would be hard to make it words when the SIC connection died. :beatnik:

I think people can still hear you on phones, like in real life(No, take a deep breath, SD is not reality...) And I would figure it much easier then tapping a SIC chip.
The only thing that makes them preferred is the fact that they can listen all they want, and not be able to pull up all of your information on your chip while doing so.
What I meant was, that the diffrence could be in who was listening.