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Change of color in text while driving

This may or may not be easy to change, but either the spam from driving or the speaking in the car should be a different color to distinguish from the driving descriptions.

Its a simple thing that needs to change. Would make talking while being a driver much easier

That'd be a huge help.

Agreed. Pretty much as it is, unless you're going full throttle and don't get the room desc spam, driving essentially halts all speech or other RP inside the car until the car comes to a stop.

I wouldn't know for sure, but would setting room descriptions to brief help? I'd offer up the command if I could remember it, but I know I saw that you could do it somehow.

Also, you could set up color triggers to help yourself. Basically set it up so anything in between quotation marks turns red by using wildcards. It wont' help you see emotes, but then again, as the driver you probably wouldn't notice actions anyway.

I drive cars, constantly, with passengers and like talking, but driving and talking is generally hard. Having a different text color in general might make alot of situations easier, maybe a lighter gray or something.