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Changed apperance identifier
Quickly know when someones clothes have changed

I don't know how practical it would be, but it'd be nice to either look at or glance at a person and have a message tell you at the top or bottom of the text maybe in a different color, "This person's appearance changed since last time you looked/glanced at them."

Would be really helpful because I'm kind of a slow skimmer, but I like to notice when people change things about their looks.

'gl <chummer>' takes care of this, it's a VERY fast skim.
Lots of things to consider with this suggestion.

1) is the @naked they changed visible or obscured by clothing?

2) are they wearing a disguise?

3) have you seen this disguise name before and it looks different but you're not getting a looks-different message so you instantly meta that it's a disguise?

It's possible to do, but the corner cases are huge to think about.