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Character Ideas
...hope this is legal

Right...there have been a few little ideas stirring 'round my head for characters I would like to see in the mix. I'm thinking maybe this thread can give a little inspiration to folks creating characters...and I hope it's considered MOO-legal and what-all, technically these ideas aren't really IC yet, right?
*crosses fingers*
Well...moderators feel free to delete this post
...until then, here are my little brain-farts:

1) A blind guy...think of all the fun RP you could have stumbling around! And you never have to put anything into his perception, unless you want to beef up his sense of touch or something. Better yet, I dare some brave player out there to have their character go Oedipus....tee-hee!

2) Suicidals! I would -pay- to see someone with decent RP skills make a bunch of characters whose sole purpose is to be short lived and spread misery...haven't you all read those messages on Gold? Well guess what..there is like -no- suicide rate in the current player population!

Of course, someone is gonna post a reply somewhere along the lines of "yea, well if you think it would be so much fun why don't you do it yourself?"...which is a completely valid point. Maybe I will. Hell, my character has a lot less to lose by going psycho than others, I suppose.

which leads me to my latest idea...

3) KUJO! Or some other marvelously rabid cool would it be to RP a doggie? I'm sure it would like the cypunk Hound of the Baskervilles. Or a psycho scooby-doo. No, scratch that, scooby-doo would talk and that would sortof defeat the whole point. I'm thinking this would be more along the lines of that sewer rat which occasionally winds up dead on Sinn street....
...actually, I think maybe I'll call this idea. Somebody kill my character, no sweat...she'll get reincarnated as a dog :P

So there you have it...I'm curious to see what other characters you creative people might have come up with... and I really do hope this is all OOCly kosher... *ulp*

Characters must be human with VERY FEW exceptions. At the very least, they must possess nothing that gives them an advantage (no claws, no teeth for instance) over other characters.

And I guess you miss the people that jump off of WA, or blow their heads off. Suicide is a very real thing in the player population, you just don't see it.

...not even if I say pretty pleaaassee?

just kidding!

*can't stop giggling*

the blind thing... i've thought tons about the little details one would have to do with playing a blind character in a text based RP game... all the things we depend on to RP.. would have to be played out differently. or a deaf character... i think it would be more feasable and personaly more fun to play a deaf character or even less so, a mute character in a text based game.

it's a fun what if? game.





oh and the suicidals? i think i've know a few suicidals. or faked suicidals in the game so far... the whole cloning thing tends to put a cog in the suicide wheel. you commit suicide in a burst of emotion and then wake up in the vats having forgoten just why the hell you're dead.. unless you write yourself a suicide note... hah... oh my.

and the psychos? ... they are there.

but your right... they need to be more visible, if your char is unstable.. well.. they should act it no?...

raises some interesting thoughts.

oh and i really hate that rat when it winds up dead. :P

(Edited by Bias at 10:48 pm on Oct. 21, 2002)

We will have blind characters and deaf ones eventually, gotta have that to make cybereyes and ears useful.
Quote: from Johnny on 5:21 am on Oct. 22, 2002[br]Characters must be human with VERY FEW exceptions. At the very least, they must possess nothing that gives them an advantage (no claws, no teeth for instance) over other characters.

Oh, so that explains Luc.
*nods sagely*

Hehe, just kidding.

Hey, I keep out the freaking vampires and the psychics, gimme a break.
Had to crack on the vamps, huh Johnny?  *chuckle*
You could let 'em in for Halloween. That might be fun.
Poser vamps are cool.

Blood drinking, implanted fangs, mental fear of bright lights. Just all that supernatural shit has to go!

Too bad Molo wasn't allowed to go the route he tried to go, me and him did alot of brain storming, you should have seen the aftermath, we had it all planned out so he would have this need, nothng special, making Molo's vamperism the result of a mad scientist. Wanted nothing special, just a source of RP. It would have been cool, a virus causing the need for human blood. Not the supernautral flying shapeshifting cheesy type.
It's not too bad at all.


The day vampires and psychics start appearing in a CP game I'm playing is the day I stop playing it.

A fake psychic wouldn't be too bad. Like a conman. Taking money from gullible people. Or even a televangelist - oh, wait I forgot about Bob.

But I agree with my illustrious friend that people with psychic abilities or superpowers that didn't come from implants are just wrong. If you want to play  a vampire go play Vampire.

So if I made an implant that let you read other peoples memory, you'd all be fine with that, eh?

Ofcourse you would, then you'd just stop using 'memorize' and start using notebook paper.

Tell me I'm wrong, I'd love to be.

~ J

Quote: from Lucien on 12:50 pm on Oct. 24, 2002[br]It would have been cool, a virus causing the need for human blood.

Why not just play a leper?

Your wrong Johnny.
I wasn't thinking of psychic implants, silly Johnny. I was thinking of the kind that make you run faster, be stronger leap from tall buildings in a single bound get you hurt and set the little nanites to work fixin you up.

Implants rock!!!

As soon as they're available, take all your hard scammed chyen and go buy as many as you can.


i'd like an implant that lets me be like the pied piper and command a whole army of rats to lead the dome to it's doom... DOOM I SAY. DOOOOOOOM. *sings the doom song*


i think withmore needs cults. :D

There is the Church of Bob.

That's the Church of the Subgenius, and, it's for real! (more or less)
Maybe Lucien should sign fits him perfectly.
He'd be okay until they asked him to scorn drugs. Then he'd have to take his pipe and go home.

Hehe, just kidding. You know I loves ya Marco. *hug*

*hugs his bong tightly*

No, you can't take it away from me!

I've been doing a lot of reading for school work lately, and consequentally the portion of my mind/soul addicted to SD has latched onto a few ideas for characters I think would fit in nicely in the CP scene.
First off is the character Iago, from Shakespeare's Othello. MAN is that guy manipulative! It's great...the entire fluggy-bunny situation of the play gets conflict-rich because of him.
"Thus do I ever make my fool my purse.
For I mine own gained knowledge should profane
If I would time expend with such a snipe
But for my sport and profit."

Scheming bastard! :D

"...and in the darkness bind them"!
Ugh. I am entirely too bookish! *sigh*

Next, I have to read a semi-boring anthropology book on Haitian Voodoo. Yes, Bob can offer you salvation...but how much more RED would it get than to have some ritualistic cult provide religion? Would be like the mob in a way...and though sacrifices aren't really necessary, they could be brought in on occasion. The ceremony sturcture is pretty detailed, but who knows....I think it would be awesome to have a voodoo priest(ess) character. Ceremonies and possessions would be like posing performances, something like how I imagine the DJs work, pre-planned messages and whatnot.
Outside of the ceremony, one could play the completely wacko-type religious zealot role, like in Johnny Mnemonic... sortof killer-for-hire bit goin on. Or as I would imagine it, could be like the witchdoctor guy in (what was it, help me here!) Cool rattle and all. Or could just be like voodoo leaders actually are - the mother/father role of the group, being all friendly and normal until ritually possessed.



That is all!

Just to branch a bit to movies, involving characters--I think Mel Gibson's performance in Payback is worthy of any SD'ers study. Wanna talk manipulation and cunning? His character is the master. I kept doing the "Okay, how the f$#$ is he getting out of this situation?" And then he pulls something out that's believable and just awesome.
"My money, yes or no?"
I mean, come -on-.
In a number of fantasy/sci-fi books, you'll find characters that use acoustics to aid them.

Ex. The Atreides 'wierding way', little mic-amps through which the fremen under Muad-dib would project their voice into a killing/explosive wave of sound.

Ex. In a series of 'Crystal Singer' books, the character Killashandra Ree & her cohorts have perfect control of the tone and pitch of their voice. By controlling the frequency at which they project, they are able to resonate with the crystals needed to fuel interstellar travel. They use this ability to mine the crystals.

I have an idea for a class of Singer characters. They would go through a specific ordeal, which changes them physically to be able to control their voice. They create a unique amplifier/focusing device (think lightsaber creation). They learn through this ordeal which natural element they resonate most with.

Benefits: Now they can influence mood, stun, or kill with their voice. They can always find the element which they resonate most with, no matter how far under ground, and draw strength from being around it. Experienced singers can even manipulate the element slightly.

Weaknesses: If they aren't wearing their amplifier/focuser, then they fall under the sway of their own acoustic projections. Since they are physically altered, they are easily addicted to drugs (try it once and hooked forever), therefore easily 'owned'.  The presence of one singer (maybe trying to influence negotiations) can be negated by the presence of another singer (they can cancel each other's projections out). Oh, and since any acoustic projection by them has an influence, they very rarely speak.


I don't really think this character class NEEDS to have coding changes to accompany it, which is good.

It seems completely viable to create a character with "acoustic" cybernetics that permit entertaining values, concerning combat I think that'd require some code...

Interesting idea though. I've always viewed sonic weaponry as orbital in form.

i.e. You can't breach a hull with sound waves.

I think all characters should have some visable flaws.
I try to incorporate them into mine. Such examples could be ; closet drug addiction, open drug addiction, stuttering, never looking someone in the eye, apparent shadyness, etc etc.

I'd like to see more drug addicts, ganger types(not the head master ganger+5 either. I'm talking about the bumbling idiot who sold his hondamitsu for an eight ball and forgot his baby was in the backseat but doesn't really care becuase he's high and about to start a barfight in the drome with some snakes who looked at him funny), bums. Stuff where everyone isn't Corporate connected super assasins.

I saw a guy around not to long ago that was a bumbling drug addict.. don't know what ever happened to him.. He was fun. Those kind of characters just don't seem to stick around for long.
I love being a bumbling drug addict, I just had to take a break from it. ;)

Good fundamental flaws for me have always been:

Talking too much (revealing too much paydata)
Fucking with the wrong people
Excess (Drugs, gear...something that you spend all your chy on)
Girls. Boys. Sex.
Everyone needs a vice.

Sometimes, it's hard to remember your character has emotions like Cowardice & Fear...especially when you're sporting scars on every @naked to prove what a badass ye are.

I tend to focus on behavior patterns with my characters, certain gestures or even a way of phrasing something that is consistent with a particular emotional responses.

An important thing to consider is what situation you're most likely to betray, honor, obey, or otherwise do something unlikely to their nature.

The way I see it, since I tend to play the hard ass, that there is allways someone who can get the drop on you, and when they do, I allways try to weasle my way out of it (If I know they will take me out like that). Now if it's the other way around, and I know I stand a fighting chance, I may still try to negoitiate, or I may say fuck it and pull out the heat.

It seems once you've played for awhile, you lose the fear. Losing the fear is bad.

Nobodys really done this, recently anyways, but if you're sitting in interrogation, with two angry Judges, one a hulk and the other a hot head with a trigger happy finger, are you really going to laugh in their faces and tell them to go fuck themselves? Or are you going to lie, or tell the truth and try and break a deal to save your sorry ass?

Flip the script. You're a Judge being held at gunpoint by three gangers. They want your wallet, your progia, and armor. Are you going to give it up, or are you gonna pull your peice and try and pull out a win?

It all depends on you, but you gotta take a step back for a second and ask yourself what you would do. Lena