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just what -does- it affect ?

So, my understanding of the attribute is that it's basically a combination of ones appearance, presence, and ability to manipulate others. With that in mind, I feel that certain things should be effected by charisma that may or may not be. For instance, if one has a high enough charisma, you would think they'd be in a position to potentially avoid confrontation with otherwise ill-intented beings, be they human or not. A dog for instance, should be able to be backed down, or convinced that one is not a threat through slow deliberate movements and calm soothing words, or cowed into fleeing by showing a display of superiority. So, not sure if the ability in-game effects the likelihood of wild animals attacking, or npc's for that matter, but i think it's a valid argument. I believe it already has an effect on prices at the markets, if not it should. Furthermore, I think maybe the prices you get from gangers when selling them things they ask for. Not really experienced with that in-game but think it's viable, if not already in effect. Maybe at high enough levels of Cha you can bypass cover charges, minor shit I know, but it's about that smooth talkin credibility. I dunno, been doin some board crawlin and noticed a theme that Charisma was viewed as a waste of ue basically. Seein as how it's a central part of a lot of character archetypes maybe we should fix that.. Ideas.. Feedback?
For the most part the things you said should be affected by Charisma are affected by Charisma and whoever said that it's a waste of UE is a silly person and they should leave Camelot.

If you notice there's quite a bit of "attractive" players around or "winsome" etc, all that is affected by Charisma.

Wild Animals I imagine are set to @hate players, so I think you'd have to code something specific that ignores high charisma or make a verb that allows you to get them to stop on a charisma roll. I'm not entirely sure if I agree though a wild dog wouldn't really stop for anything considering it's probably fighting for it's life and surviving Bansuporo, starving animals do very very vicious things. Like them damn dingos in Oz, stealing babies.

For -some characters-, Charisma *is* a waste of UE.

Just depends what you wanna do with your character. has two examples of character-types who need charisma, and I know of at least two other current active PC's right now who are of still other types which benefit greatly from investments in charisma.

Also: Almost nothing in the game succeeds on stats alone. Creatures are mindless. Influence over them should depend on a specific (imaginary) skill, not on a direct statistic. The wrangling skill, maybe?