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Charisma/Appearance based salary
Paid to be pretty

Certain things already pay more based on your charisma/appearance score, I would suggest that this carries over into more coded jobs to some extent, with the pay being in a range from X to Y, and your appearance score affects this when you either start the job or when you attempt to renegotiate your earnings.

Want more pay? Hire a tailor to make you nice interview clothes to really get as much as you can!

Just ask for a pay raise.
People get paid for being effective, not for being charming. If you want to schmooze your way to a pay bump hit up your boss.
I can tell you some of the highest paid jobs in the game require high charisma to succeed at so if your goal is to get rich off your looks there are paths open to you.
Slither mentioned on the board once that you get promotions more easily if you have higher CHA. This is technically already a thing.
Indeed - and, as people have mentioned, a thing driven by RP. With stats and skills backing it up.
If you got the salary from an NPC, maybe? They might be incentivized to give you a little extra when they pay you.

Doesn't make sense at all if you're using a terminal to get your salary. It's not like you can woo a robot.

You still have bosses when you get paid via terminal.