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Charisma roll on PC/NPC option
For better shmoozing

I'd love to be able to enter a command to see how well a PC is shmoozing my character. It would still be up to me to roll that command and how my PC will respond to the roll to maintain the integrity and creativity of RP, but I'd -really- love to see just how convincing a person is at least in the stat sense sometimes. I'd really like this to be tied more specifically to the charm substat over appearance.

Something like

appeal Bob

Bob's doing alright, but nothing to write home about.

appeal Bob

Bob's sounding pretty convincing right now. Maybe I should listen.

appeal Bob

Bob's got something up his ass, but you might not want to stick around for it.

Just a little quality of life thing that would make use of the lesser poked at stats.

APP and CHM should tend towards being pretty even, so one can infer a character's charm from their appearance shortdesc if there was some desire to base outcomes on stats.