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Cheap, Crappy, Unheatlhy Red Groceries
Give Red their own kinda stuff!

I'm thinking like, paste, grilled cheese and beer. Something like Tony's pizza as a luxury item. Uniquely terrible Red sector foods in general.

Give the Mix their own stuff, just make it gritty and horrible. I don't like the idea that Mixers will have to go topside and get nice food as literally the only option with which to fill their kitchenettes.

I think the Nutripaste is a good direction to go in, and would like to see more mass-produced, no-frills options.

It doesn't make sense for Mix food options to be rancid, plastic, etc.

The Mix is a market with tens of millions of potential customers, and it makes sense for corporations to target that. They'd maximize profits with bland, mass-produced foods like Nutripaste that are only good enough to survive on.

Having to eat "nutrition products" like Nutripaste, instead of real meals, is dehumanizing and themely. Cyberpunk, not post-apocalyptic survival simulator (note I'm not saying that worstperson is suggesting that).

You should need to go to Gold for some things. That's just how it is, it's supposed to be a middle ground. After the recent changes, I think Gold does have a good selection of shitty foodstuffs- NutriPaste, Cup-O-Joy, that kind of stuff.
Yeah, I didn't mean terrible-terrible. But just cheap, mass-produced and basic.

So cheap and mass-produced, in fact, that a lot of PCs would just go to Gold for something more appetizing instead. But for those who wanna save chyen and enjoy some serious Red sector grit, I think that should be an option.