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Cheap Prosthetics
So that you don't have to pay as much when you die

I've seen a bit of chatter that cosmetic cyberware is far to expensive to be realistically used as when you die it's just another heavy cost on losing. I feel like this sort of low tier wares that aren't necessarily cyber (I'd assume that proper cyberarms and whatnot like Johnny Silverhand's and Winter Soldier's arms are too advanced to be sold cheap) but more improvised and hodgepodge, Rimworld style low tech options like peg legs and dentures. I'd also like sever to be used more publically as a punishment, get someone's hands chopped off and replace them with plastic nobs. They obviously wouldn't provide boosts, and they may even force some detriments.

I feel like having this lowtech option could maybe give people the option of scratching that transumanist itch.