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mmm.... chloroform....

how about keeping someone "down n out"? maybe not keeping them fully passed out (because that's no fun for their player then) but enough so the world filters in through a fog so they can't name places and names?
(i'm borrowing the "fog" idea from the thread that was talking about sleepers remembering who's moved them. but here, instead of sleepers.. it's KOd people....?

1st and formost i'm thinking this would be usefull for those moments when you want to cart someone off but don't want them to wake up in the middle of the carting? you know.. kidnappings, rituals, batchlor parties....
(beating people over and over so they pass out probably gets a wee bit tiresome. plus they can still tell who's doing the pummeling.)

plus so it's not abused... the person has to have been passed out already. as in.. you fought them... someone fought them...they fell off a roof?... anything really and they where knocked out but NOT sleeping?

i'm sure there's some thing i'm not concidering here... but it seems like such a usefull thing in a thriving underworld.

Act 24245656 Scene 1734254

Bob is beating the goat ninja with uhm... a pair of pants.
The Goat Ninja faints unceremoniously to the ground.
Bob shoves a soaked and foul smelling rag under the Goat Ninjas nose.
You overhear the Goat Ninja mumble, "Mommy?" as Bob drags him off to the south.

Act 24245656 Scene 1734255
as seen through the eyes of the goat ninja.
.oOThrough a fog you see a guy with a duck on his headOo.
.oOThrough a fog you overhear someone say "...liver wurst is..."Oo.
.oOThrough a fog you see an express tubeOo.

(see? no specifics... just generics pulled out of the descriptions of the locals and people?)

ok..  enough with this. i go sleep now.