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Clean Up Work Spaces
Fuller Med Op Room Needs Cleaning

So when you walk into Fuller Med you smell blood and "stainless steel operating table that could quite obviously use a good scrub down" Why not allow the PC's that work there to scrub it down? and over time while their gone Doc Chow and the Cyber-Doc there have been working and its got Grimy again. This would give the PC's more to do in their work space.
The filth & mess is to add ambience more than anything. And creating a 'clean' command would probably chew up a bit of admin resources better allocated somewhere else. One thing that needs tending to in regards to operating tables is the prompt after using 'Lie down on table' in Westside Elective. Unless if something has changed recently that I am unaware of it still produces something like: You stare up at the blood spattered ceiling warily. Which, in my opinion has no place in an operating studio outside of the mix.
To Tommo92: I agree that it would be nice to have a clean command, but in essence I agree that this would simply take up a bit too much Admin time. The problem with FSMC is that it is going to be a dirty unsanitary space. Even if a PC went around cleaning up, there would always be more work to do. consider the fact that Chow is simply too busy to talk... she's not cleaning up after herself, she's tending to patients' immediate needs. I have worked in a dirty environment before, and sometimes it is good to simply RP cleanup without a room-descrip change benefit.

PS to Pocketface: I similarly think that the Westside elective operating room "Ceiling" is inappropriately described.

If you want a job where you're supposed to show up and type "dosomething" regularly, that exists already.

The benefit of the salaried job isn't that it gives you something to grind on as a player, it's that it gives your character something to RP. As in, let's take the example of some clinic, your character has responsibility and access now which most other PCs don't have, and can provide certain services to other PCs now. No salaried job in the game should "make you" do something like clean up. Even if there were a dishwasher position at some pub, it shouldn't be making the PC who works it spend their game time washing dishes, it should provide an RP hook.

The issue here is that you could clean the place up, write a new description and then we have to re-set that description to the old dirty one after a month. that's GM cycles that we can't really spare.

The alternative is to make room descriptions that have stages: IE: clean, sort of clean, dirty, very dirty.

Which means we need like 5 different descriptions of a single room. Even if we only did this for certain rooms, the amount of time + effort that would go into the code to make this possible and then the different descriptions, and then the code to clean the room... all to enable you to type a 'clean' command over and over once a week?

Just doesn't sound like something that would increase RP. It would just make the job more tedious. Also, as was pointed out before, this is Red. It's supposed to be dirty. No matter how much you clean, the fact of the matter is that thousands of unwashed half starved -dirty- people go through Fuller Med each day. You are thinking of it as this empty, cleanable place. It's wall to wall people in there 24/7. The entire mix is. Ever tried cleaning a place that is wall to wall people? Pretty difficult and definitely a losing battle.

I think even if you did clean everything spotless in FSMC, it would all get dirty again within an hour, tops. As Slither mentioned just because things are slow for player traffic, doesn't mean the clinic isn't busy as hell for ambient traffic. People are going in and out of there constantly, and things get nasty fast on the work surfaces.
The only reason for ambient things to do in most games is for something to do that increases your skills. Since you completely dictate which skills and when you gain skills already, and there is no reason to create mindless tasks that send players away from situations where they could be RPing instead.

Can cleaning be RP? Absolutely. You dont need objects to get rid of to do it, though.

Westside Clinic visitors, please enjoy your new themely Financial District ambience while lying on the operating table, as of about 4/20 or so.