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Clearing / Cutting the receipt on shops
Automated @idea from in-game

@idea from Zach

Shop owners should be able to clear the receipt as it can get quite lenghty...
Maybe rip the 'coupon' off and start over. No backups or anything. There are shops that have receipts years old. And I mean oldbies that are gone old.

I could agree with something like that, I'd prefer a backup though, cause it could be useful ICly, maybe *gasp* a way to download it too an E-note.

I say this because it would be cool to hire someone ICly to do like a market trend report.  And have them analyze you're sales and stuff like that.  Could be a fun corpie Job, that might be of some use.

Accountant jobs?

We need more tall building for people to jump from. And yes jumpable windows. ;)

... then harnesses and equipment for jumping off highrises without dieing! Your rocking the digital-camo suit connected to a transparent cord thing, hanging in mid-air outside the window of room C339 with SMG waiting for the bosses and their security detail to step in.. nice images.

But maybe different types of register? Computer register types would have removable memory like E-notes, whereas old fashioned antique registers still spit paper?

It would be nice if new registers (for corperate stores or anyone with the money) showed what was purchased.  But then again, thats pretty much worthless, since it would never be used (atleast as far as I know) by the players.

Very true but I like the idea, it could open some good jobs for corpies.

In order for things to really be compatible with e-notes, they gotta fix them first...but yeah, for the love of god please make them usefull. I'd also love to throw my boss out the window of his office too. :)