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Clone Notes
Just a thought

I know you can make notes OOCly on the moo.  But I was thinking, it would be wicked handy if when you updated your clone, you had the option to leave a small OOC note to yourself, about whats going on at the time.  What you mind set is, and what/who/why you would think you had woken up in the vats.  Like say..

"You suspect Billy is going to try and kill you.  You were on your way to kill him before he could get too you."

Most of the time, people go awhile with out dying, and its hard to remember what was going on when you last updated, or if you should wake up all paranoid about so and so wanting to kill you, when OOCly you know that it wasn't them, beacuse you killed them, and were then eaten alive by sewer rats.    

Anyways just something I would find handy, and I think would improve the RP of people fresh out of the vats.  As well as help you remember just what was going on when you last updated, so you could RP not remembering better.

I made this suggestions a long time ago...don't remember waht really became of it. I still think it's a great idea, and would help out with keeping the cloning/memory/etc. situation authentic and themely.

I used to use the OOC notes to do that, but then it got confusing. Because you couldn't delete notes and so it would take a while to figure out which one was the most recent.  I think a system that would replace the last entry with the most recent would be very helpfull in organizing.

good idea,  and a great way to implement it?

make @memory more powerful (well capable of storing more info anyway)     I've always though that it was too little....

Okay, but what about IC.  you could leave a 15 minute message at afterthoghts (tm) but that costs to much.  What about using an e-note, writing a message to yourself with a time/date stamp and printing it out.  put it in a locker and when you wake up from your dirtnap. Viola, the voice from beyond the grave.

Or is that to simple.

Well, my idea behind the whole thing was that, ICly my character wouldn't have much of a problem remembering what he should and should not remember.  Why?  Because it's his memory.  -I- on the other hand, have trouble remembering (atleast I did at the time I thought of that idea) exactly what my character remembers, which was the whole reason behind it.

Sure, I could keep notes ICly, but then if I lost them, I wouldn't be able to remember things that my character SHOULD remember, like the names certain people go by or how much chyen he had in his bank account at the last time he updated, etc.

I dunno, I definetly should've run into this problem but I didn't...I kept copies of what I needed to "remember" on the grid. Everything else was purely speculative. My memory is definetly shot, i just compensate by making my character drug addicts, old, or somewhat deficient in any manner...that way when I don't remember its IC.

If you really wanted to do it, you could just leave yourself an @note everytime you go to update your clone, and then when you clone, just check the @Note from your latest update to get an idea for how your character was feeling when he went to update.

Okay, I think I get your point. You want a way to keep track of what your character's clone would remember, motivations and relationships ect., when they wake up from the vat nap.  And while @note would work you can't delete them and they would slowly add up and cause Moo bloat.

Hmmn.  What about an addition to the Clone Update procedure.  Example:
"While the lights flash around you in hypnotic patterns, you mind comes instantly into focus as you think about your life at this very moment."
<OOC: Please type any specific information you wish your clone to remember.  Type a single "." when you are finished.>

Every time you Register/update a clone you would have that option and any information from the last clone would be overwritten, saving the dome from angsty bloat.  Is this what you had in mind, Nemisis?

(Edited by Mensaboy at 2:29 pm on Mar. 7, 2006)

(Edited by Mensaboy at 2:55 pm on Mar. 7, 2006)

That was the general idea.  You could also put in stuff about your characters MOOD.  Like, he was running away from Judges when he got this clone, and a hitman had been sending him messages.

That way when you get killed by some random gangers, you wake up and you can RP being paranoid about a sniper, and worried about Judges, two things that you might not remember having happened at the time of your last update.