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Cloning and Mag-Lev fare.

Similar to how you get mag-lev fare for green deliveries from gold at WW. I think when you actually exit the tank, it should give you a token for a free mag-lev fare to get back home. Whether that home is Red or Green.

Hell I'd even be open to paying 5150 for a clone, just for that, or 3150 for a corpse clone.

I know on previous characters I had no savings and was a dirt poor mixer that got stuck on gold for days. Not a fun thing.

What are you talking about? It's loads of fun. If you're a Corpie, then shame on you for not having the money. If you're a Mixer you get to take the Judge Express down for loitering.

I actually prefer it as is. On one hand your character might be the type to plan ahead for this. Many do. On the other hand, if you character isn't the type to plan ahead, it gives you reason to interact with others as you try and solve the problem

Can we stop making a habit out of complaining about inconveniences to your character? They're there for a REASON.

I'm not complaining about inconveniences to MY character, at least not this one.

I just think that there are probably players who play extremely fast and loose, don't have bank accounts on gold or have never visited gold beyond to clone, or maybe not even that in a corpse clone situation and they might get hosed.

Yes, if one of you guys is around they can go TO JUDGE HELP ME! but that's inefficient at best.

To me, it's part of the setting. You can struggle to make sure you have sufficient funds available for emergencies, which can be a challenge even for some in the corporate world, or you generate the RP required to get someone to help you, possibly generating more RP depending on what they want in return.

Uhhh... There a lot of possible options to explore here. I mean, getting stuck on gold without Lev fee is not insurmountable. With zero GM interaction you can get where you need to go or have an adventure trying. If you're lucky, it'll be the latter.

The struggle is part of the game for people with little to no money. It's not going to go away. It's not going to be made easier. We're always looking for new ways to make the disparity between the easy corpie life and the hard mixer life even broader.

I still think it's weird that the only place to clone is on gold. Why would the corpies want disgusting mixers walking past their work to get a clone or after cloning.

I think the fact that updating and cloning happens on Gold is a game balance thing. As it stands, it's ridiculously difficult to permanently kill someone. Adding additional places to update and clone would make it more strenuous.

At one time, there were places at least designed if not functional for updating on Green and possibly Red. They were removed.

Reefer has is it right. I think it's one of those things that is what is. Crime pays so every Mixer that can actually afford clone that doesn't perm ends up paying money to the man and keeps the levs turning, cause let's be honest no corpie should be using them if they can afford alternatives.

Also, I was under the impression that Gold was not meant to be Corpie exclusive like Blue or even Green. I always saw it more as a place that, even if somewhat reluctantly, served the needs of both corpies and mixers. Am I imagining this all wrong?

If you read the description, there's some gangers that dared to linger by the station, I think. (Unless it was updated!)

We've considered this use case and all is as designed. If you needed chyen, you'd have it.