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Closed Holster Variants.
Why can I see inside a zipped riflebag?

I've always been mildly confused at the notion of noticing exactly what kind of weapon one is through a scabbard holster, etc. Rather than make it otherwise from what it has always been, I had an idea. What about a far more expensive/rare variant of holsters/bags/scabbards/slings that are "covered", and instead only show the description of the sheath?
As long as it's ridiculously expensive, loving the idea although would have to have a limited scope. There is no realistic way to holster SMG or bigger, without carrying it in a bag - and that's not something you can quickdraw from like you can from a holster. So maybe just for pistols/automated pistols? As those can be easily concealed inside the holster.
Bags are already in the game. And they are like holsters. That is not a problem in need of change. However. The fact that I can see that you're carrying an AKS in that closed black square bag on your back...that's kinda odd.
In addition holsters are far easier to see into realistically, as the top of a sidearm holster is open to see. A riflebag probably not.
Ah, I wasn't aware of how the existing bags work. And it is odd, that both you can just quick-draw from a bag, but then you can also see inside it... Maybe that's the reason for it?
Oh shit. I'm an idiot. You cannot see closed bags. But still for the others it would be cool for variants. Like a closed package knife scabbard.