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Clothing, meat shields and hostages
Bunch of stuff I thought of.

Hey everyone,

While playing Sindome last night, and watching some movies in the background, I came to wonder about a few things in game.

The first one is multiple clothing states. I know you can put teases on tailored clothes, but what I really want is, for example the Du Wear duster. You do an "unbutton" command or something and it reveals the chest and abdomen region.....and all the weapons and gear you have hidden under it. I think it would add to the rp a whole bunch, if it isn't to hard.

The second one was meat shields. You can already grapple people in game, and attack them in someone's arms, but what about using them as a shield. Maybe it ups your dodge or something, or it directs the damage to the victim instead. But it would come in handy sometimes. In part with this is holding hostages. You should be able to grapple, and say, hold a knife to there throat, or a gun, and still be able to use it. It would lower your skills (which ever it is) that helps you hold the victim, but then you could hold a meat shield and fire back at people, or have some pretty interesting hostage situations of knives to people's throats.

Let me know your thoughts on these


It is already possible to use someone you are grappling as a shield. It depends on stats and skills, I believe, but if you attack the grappler, there is a chance of hitting the grappled, instead.

Being able to use a weapon while grappling, however, is something I think could add a lot to the game, as you described.