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Clothing on GREEN
Automated @idea from in-game

@idea from Katherine

We need a clothing store @digged into the mall on GREEN.
Either that or set one of the shops currently unused in that mall up to be a clothing store.
That is all.
Oh, btw, its spring time for hitler and germany!

Agreed. Shit, we need more top-sider clothing period. And I don't even want to hear the 'well we have the tailoring skill...' bullshit, because obviously that's not cutting it. :)

The tailoring thing might not be cutting it, but lets not forget there -is- a clothing store in the mall on GREEN.

*cough neXus cough cough*

And its not really corpie clothing. We're talking leather suits here, not cod pieces and trenchcoats that ALL the mixers are wearing.

haha not leather suits.. silk suits, or work suits for the corpie executive. my bad yo. NeXuS sells leathers hahaha

I heard suits were "A dime a dozen". Only, they're like....not.  And yeah, the NeXus store on Green, besides the Corp-kiddies from the burbs that want to play it like they're street, nobody else on a corporate payroll is going to shop there. We need a fine clothing store in the mall, and when those towers IGA was talking about finally come out, put some in there too. rawr.

There are other fine clothing stores, you just need to find them.

I know where the fine clothing stores are.

The problem is there aren't alot of them, especially in the places they should be. IE The Cordoba mallplex.