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Clothing Wearing Styles

Hey all,

My idea is ways you can wear your clothes, for example a coat. You could button it up, unbutton it, roll up the sleeves etc. Theyd be generally simple commands (unbutton coat, roll up coat etc) and it would add a kinda personal touch to clothing.What do yall think?

I think that would take a butt tonne of time for the coders to implement.

But material exists so you can create your own "Unbuttoned Jacket" or something along those lines. Or you can simply RP undoing your coat, rolling up your sleeves.

Idk, yea, I guess. Maybe some way to change that part of the description. Cause when you look at a character, it will say it isnt the same

Clothing is already the single most easily personalizable thing in the game, after your own @describe, @nakeds and @voice.

There are messages you can set, which would spell out actions like that. It doesn't result in a new description - for example, you could pose or "@tease" rolling cuffs up but the way the cuffs are described wouldn't change. Still, it's very rich already.

It's a popular idea and has been discussed before, especially in the context of certain pieces of in-game clothing (not player-tailored ones) which have certain in-game effects for the wearer.

Last thought, I've achieved effects like you'r talking about with a @macro - I can enter one custom, stored, personal command which poses something clothing-related, maybe dons or removes an item of clothing, and sets a @naked with a new message, all at the same time. So, with or without actually changing whether the thing is worn or not, I made parts of my appearance when "looked at" different by resetting the appropriate @naked.

Just some ideas for you. There's already a hell of a lot that can be done today, without waiting for new MOO code to be written. Have fun!

Every minute detail is never going to be perfect.

If you want a coat with rolled up sleeves, have someone make one for you and have the tease message set to roll-unroll the sleeves.

It would take a long time to code every item and create separate descriptions for this.

I understand. Im getting into tailoring, so Ill play around with this. Thanks for the help